5 Teacher gift pinterest inspired

Thank Goodness I am finished with my little guy's class gifts! I was on the search for something different for his teacher's gift and came across some pics  simular to this on pinterest. It was so fun doing this craft... the only thing was I went through way to many crayons while learning on the way. Hahahah In the end it turned out great :)

All you need is.....

Frame $5
Box of crayons $3 (I bought the BIG box knowing how I am)
paper (had already)
Hot glue gun

I pretty much cut each crayon the same length. I warmed the knife under very hot water then dried quickly which made the cutting way easy! Then I just designed it free hand how I wanted it. I cleaned the rough edges with a damp paper towel which helped.
And BAM there ya have it

I did mess up which was very obvious! So I had some handyyydandyyy glitter glue and there ya have it covered up just like that!


  1. This is so cute! Where was pinteret when I was in school?

  2. I love how you used the tops for the edges of the letter. I don't think I've seen anyone do it that way :) So cute!

    Thanks for linking up to The Pinterest Project!

  3. This is SO adorable! I don't think I've actually seen this pin (which is weird!) I was trying to think of something simple yet meaningful to do for the kids' teachers every year and this is a great idea.

    Thanks for linking up! Checking out the rest of your blog now & I'm your newest follower

  4. Love this!! I don't think I've seen it on Pinterest and I've seen lots of crayon art! Good job! I'll have to remember this for next year!
    Thanks for linking up to The Pinterest Project! :)


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