0 Why My heart smiles...

It's the simple things that
 make my heart 
smile everyday. 
Here are just a few...

Of course my early christmas 
present from my 
Ooobertastic hubby =D

Lil' Dude and his crazzyyy personality 
and silly faces 
that always brighten my day... 

The hubby & his way of showing
 how much he loves us

Tripping over the
 boots I tried 
throwing out so many times,
 but can't because they are the 
only ones he 
demands to 

Cupcakes, my biggest weakness...

The feeling of being needed every 
minute of the day...

Trying to get the energy to clean the play room... 
then realizing I don't want to mess 
up lil' dude's set up. Thinking how much I love his little 

Just a few....

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