13 This relationship is over...

Hey y'all!
It's been a very busy week leaving very little time for blogging.
Which totally sucks,
but that's what happens when you are busy
getting your baby big boy ready for FIRST grade!
So here is the scoop...
This is what I've been stressing about the entire summer.
I had a gym membership to Spectrum which recently changed to Gold's.
I loved this gym.
The locker rooms were amazing.. 
The ladies workout area was great.... 
& the  kids daycare was super awesome for the little guys!
I loved that I was able to watch them on the screen while I worked out!
That just makes a paranoid mommies life so much better
Did I mention they have two pools? 
One lap pool & one crazy fun outdoor pool. 
Seemed like the pool was the only reason we would attend the gym.
The gym equipment was always available &
it was never so packed to where you felt uncomfortable.
It was pretty awesome...
What I miss... 
the feeling of getting away & having "ME" time...
Is that horrible??
It would feel almost like a mini vacay if ya know what I mean...
I don't miss...
how our checking would be $160 less every month...
My baby Talin crying every time I dropped him off...
 I certainly don't miss him getting a little sicky every now & then from being there.  
It was hard to make the decision. 
Even though I'm a stay at home momma my world never slows down. 
I feel as if  I'm trying to compete with time.
 As much as I loved taking a trip to the gym it was not worth it!
 I was constantly stressing myself out trying to fit it in my schedule.
Most of the time it just wasn't possible. 
Thats when I would fill myself with guilt!!
Guilt for having a membership & still not being in shape
Guilt for not putting every penny to worth.
 Last month we attended the gym only 3 times!!!
Yea, pretty bad huh?
It felt as if we were just handing them free money!!
Not to mention the cancellation fee. Geesh!
So with that being said I cancelled our membership...
Maybe in the near future once Talin gets a little bigger and things slow down I'll return.
Until then it's me & this awesomely fine chick!
 I'm starting my journey to be fit at home.
So much more convenient than loading up the boys and heading to the gym.
Oh yea, & a whole lot cheaper!
Cheaper is always good!
Now lets see how this goes...
Any recommendations on some great workouts?


  1. Pinterest is my best place to find some GREAT workouts. Even the quick 30-minute ones work you hard! Also, it's not weird or hORRIBLE at all that you miss "me time." I actually think it's crucial. And important to have it! To preserve your sanity, of course (:

    1. Amanda,

      I never thought about Pinterest to find great workouts. Thanks for the tip.

    2. Thanks! I'm hooked now! I found so many =D

  2. i think everyone misses "me time." I know I struggle with it too.
    A great place for workouts is blogilates.com She's GREAT!
    Good luck on your journey...I'm with you all the way!

  3. I have been overseas for the past 2 plus years so I had to find something that was affordable since my waist was expanding for lack of exercise. I have been using a lot of DVD and I love the Gold Gym Wii Game. I was surprised at the working out that I got from it.


    1. Thanks Cynthia! O'm going to have to get a Wii! We used to have one, but it stopped working.. It's about time we get another. Good excuse ;D

  4. Replies
    1. Ugh I know! I think I am so stress free from not having to worry about that place!

  5. Good luck! My recommendation is to stick with it...this is always my problem. ;)

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  6. I'm doing the 30 Day Shred too - I thought I was going to DIE the first day. It's gotten better :)

    I've been supplementing it with a Yoga DVD.

    1. So did I!! I might have to try a yoga DVD. That sounds like it would be fun and not the same thing everyday.


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