6 Whats been going down......Sort of

After a very short week of holiday fun I realized I did not get ONE photo of our Thanksgiving celebration. Total fail I am. We had so much family fun time this week that I totally forgot to take some snap shots. Here are a few that I captured with my new phone that hubs decided to surprise me with :) 
Road trips to the country to visit the parentals, vegging out and having movie dates, Celebration of a few births & of course having my guys to myself for an entire week....Awesome week! Hope you all had a very Blessed Thanksgiving! 


  1. I didn't take many pictures either. Guess what happens when you're having fun! =)

  2. Me either! I forgot my camera:( Looks like you had a good Thanksgiving though:)


  3. You seriously have the cutest family!

    I took a few pictures, but sometimes I hesitate to do so .. I feel like I'm obligated to share, then, and there's nothing fancy about Thanksgiving at our house. ;)

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for becoming my newest follower -- I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!

  4. your little guys have the cutest smiles!

  5. Adorable little ones!!♥ You are so blessed! Such beautiful kids :) Im a fan!

    Followed you:)

  6. Love love love the picture of your poochie. And the kids are super cute too!


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