1 Weekend Recap

It was a weekend full yummy pancakes, lots of playing outside surprisingly the weather was fantastic! I talked the sweet hubs of mine to tag along  & hit up some thrift stores with me. And oh boy how we scored this weekend! There was a little lounging around and watching some old movies. you know those movies where you tell yourself gosh I wish I was around back then... We also attened our first jeep meeting, yes that's right.. a jeep meeting. Only because we are so hardcore about jeeps, crawling rocks & mudding.... It was like disney world, but for jeepers. We met some really awesome people from all over San Antonio who share the same passion...JEEPS! Okay enough about the jeeps Jen! 

We also did a little more thrifting which I can never get enough. I have a serious problem. A certain little person is also mastering the field of sneakiness. He likes to find sodas in daddy's office and sneak off & hide. And of course the boring part of the weekend....yard work! The leaves are just ridicules around. Hubs gave in and called a yard guy. Yard guy to the rescue thank goodness!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday =D

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  1. Love that you went to a Jeep meet up!! We've owned three Jeeps, and I loved them all! Sadly we don't have one right now, and I really miss it ha ha.


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