5 Lately....

Are you ready to have one big pic overload? Here are a few things I've captured lately. Things have been pretty busy around here. I mean busy like having no time for pretty mani's & pedi's. Or hey, lets just wake up & not brush our hair days. This past month has been awesome fun non-stop. Thats if you think having an almost two year old peeing all over the house is fun. Or if you think finally making it to the top of Chick-fil-a's play gym is fun.  I can't forget the roadtrips we've been taking lately. I mean sitting next to a toddler for 2 hours straight is always fun.... >Now the bragging starts< This girl went off roading for the first time & won the blind man challenge! Lets just say that was lots of fun for me.  I don't know if it was winning cool prizes or just having the hubs think I'm a jeeping goddess. Oh & lets not forget the fact that school is out & I officially have a Second Grader!!!! Bring it on summer!

Happy Monday Friends! Hope you are all enjoying your summer. 


Hey You! Thanks so much for your sweet little love notes =D