3 Summer lately...

Oh summer you sure are RAD! Recently we packed up some fun bags and headed to the Beach with  a few jeep buddies. A little burnt skin, sand in places I wish not to discuss, & of course bonfires. Best Beach trip by far. 

^^^ You know just a few.....

After a long weekend we were pretty excited the hubs agreed to take some time off from work and just hang out all week. Of course that meant a very busy week of trying to fit in all kinds of fun activities.

Lets just say I'm having a blast vegging out on the sofa & being a homebody this week....  I think we all are.


  1. That looks lovely! I would kill for a beach trip right now. It sounds so wonderful!


    1. Thank you Christen & thankfully we only a couple of hours away form the beach so we try to go as much as we can lol

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