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My theme in my kitchen was yellow, brown & white. I got tired of that pretty fast! I wanted to go with something a little more boh-chick type theme. I wanted mix-match and just something a little more "me" Have y'all ever seen the movie Because I said so?? Well I love Mandy Moore's house setting.The colors and decor are just adorable! Here is a pic. of the set.

 Gosh I super love it!! it's so boho-chic and that is so what I crave!!!
So I went to my good'ol Goodwill and found this!
It was only $1.99!! Wow! I love the color so that got me thinking..... I need to update my curtains! So I went to wal-mart & just my luck they just opened there fabric department!! You do not know how excited I was! I was literally doing switch leaps down the aisle! Then I saw it, the fabric I wanted
(I had the brown fabric from before) I dusted off my handy-dandy sewing machine and got to work! It only took me two yards of fabric for two windows with a tad left over. 

I absolutely love my little curtains and my boho-chic kitchen is finally coming along!

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