5 Turned this thrifty into something Nifty

Hey y'all! 
So, I was thrifty shopping at good ole' Goodwill and 
found this little number below.
What a cute  dress I thought... 
Yeah, yeah, I know...
was I thinking??? 
 Well I thought hmmm it's half off today so I only paid $2 for it! 
Uh, yeah at that price anything is cute! 
So I grabbed it and decided to 
REvamp it into my style
So I took out my handy dandy sewing 
machine and got to work. Now I'm still an amateur at this, but I had absolutely 
NO problemos! Just a little hem and there ya have it!

Let me tell you I absolutely LOVE my thrifty find!
The fabric is super comfy and you can make it casual or dress it up with 
accessories. So what do you think?? Do you like?



  1. What a great find and you transformed it into a great shirt! I can relate to the joy finding a bargain can bring. :)


  2. I love this! It's adorable and it's inspiring me to buy some funkier things at Goodwill. Is "funkier" a word?...Well I guess it is now! lol

  3. Thanks! And funkier is definitely in my vocabulary lol

  4. loved what you did with this dress!


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