0 What I really should be doing..

At this very moment I should be putting away the laundry that has been thrown
 in my room for the past couple of days. Maybe I should be picking up the play room that has been turned upside down once again.
 I should be trying to take out the accident stains off the hard wood floor that our new little boxer pup has made..or maybe I
 should just be sleeping and preparing myself from being woken up not once, but four times in the middle of the night by my little TNT.

Yes I should be doing all the above, but instead I am here blogging to you hoping there is someone out there who feels exactly like I do.

I can't help but feel so upset (sad, lonely just wayyyy to emotional) that my
 little baby ALREADY out grew 
all his newborn  clothing. 
He is growing way to fast and
 all I want is for time to slow down.
 I can't help but  feel like
 I have abandoned my little 
PVT because I had to put my 
foot down and not allow him
 to sleep snuggle in our bed anymore. 

With all these feelings and thoughts rolling around in my head I saw this on my desktop

and this...

and this..

I realize we are just beginning another chapter in our little family life. All these
mixed emotions come 
with my little life, and sometimes I
 just need to stop going down
 my checklist of things to
 do and realize how 
 blessed I am to be able to 
 feel these feelings as a mother.
 I would not want it any other 
way, that's for sure.

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