0 Wowzerrrss I'm back

So I know I have been gone for a while... 
I know I have NO idea how 
I stayed away for so long. 
I mean gosh I have really missed stalking all my favorite blogs. 
There have been a few things keeping me pretty busy around here. 
No I'm not just talking
 about my adorable little 5 month old.
Or my very hyper 6 year old.. 
Or even my very needy hubby....
but what has been keeping me very busy is learning html and java code!! 
I am beyond excited about this!!
 My hubby has been so patient with 
me through this entire process
 (yeah right.. he is a very grouchy great teacher)
 I am so blessed to have such a smart and gifted hubby! 
Well the exciting news is SPRING is amongst us!!! 
We are all super excited about this.
 That means our yard finally gets a face lift. 
So yesterday we enjoyed a beautiful day in the yard...

We took a trip to our local lowes 
and went flower shopping

Baby TNT watched as I 
fought with him on keeping his
 little hat on

And of course my big boy felt like he had to do something tuff like helping cut a stick?? 
He tried coming up with any excuse to use this handy little tool. 
Of course being an overbaring mother 
I watched carefully and could not handle the OOoo's and Uhhh be careful..
 so I quickly found something 
else for him to do.
 HAppy Planting lovelies!

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