0 Getting ready for spring

I recently took a trip to my neighborhood goodwill and came out 
with these awesome tin buckets.
I was so excited to see they were 2.99 for the big one 
and 1.99 for the small ones. 
I thought they would be perfect for some spring flowers! 

With a little bit of scrubbing and love they were like brand new.
I took my handy dandy drill and drilled a few holes at the 
bottom of each tin so the plants can drain.

There ya have it a very beautiful spring flower display for my front porch.

Thank goodness it was a beautiful day out.
 Last spring I planted tons of flowers and they 
all ended up dying on me (very disappointed). 
So fingers crossed and prayers are
 welcome that these little babies grow & grow
 big and strong. 
Hopefully my green thumb is present this spring

Happy hump day lovelies!

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