13 Backpack..backpack

so a bunch of things change when you have kids right?? 
 maybe your hips get wider...
or  your boobies aren't as cute & perky...
 or you have to tinkle every time you sneeze.... 
Yes ladies & gents this is the ugly truth!! 
Well, in my case it is! 
But the one thing  no one ever warned me about is
 how being a mommy can sneak up on ya &
 make you forget how much a girl needs a  hand bag in her life!!!! 

love this MK 
 or this Tori Burch handbag
shoot, I would kill to wear this Chanel bag(which would barely fit my chapstick)

Geesh, I don't think I've carried a hand bag on my arm in the past 8 months! 
A camouflouge diaper bag is where my Chapstick, wallet & cell phone get lost 
(somewhere between all the snacks, bottles, diapers & toys... )
Yes depressing I know! 
So since I don't have enough arms to carry all this junk I am opting for a cute
Urban Outfitters is my absolute Fav.
I love
single one of their bags!!
or maybe this Vera Bradley bag...

or this L.L bean backpack 
looks like it can handle tons of snacks!

Or if I want to get fancy..
this Tori Burch Backpack...

Hmmm might be a little pricy for some spilt milk....

Decision...decisions.. I just don't know???

Help a girl out y'all!!!


  1. nice blog) like ur style!

    Visit my blog,and if you love it,we could follow each other!!! :)

    I'll wait your answer on my blog!!!



  2. I know the feling about the diaper bag!!!! Those are some cute bags!!!!

  3. My vote is for the tori burch hand bag, it is seriously so pretty! YOu picked some great finds girl, I am just loving that pink backpack with the lace! How feminine and chic! You have just the cutest blog, so excited to read more from you!

    1. I love the pink backpack as well. Thanks so much! I'm excited to check out your blog =D

  4. wow I love all od the bags. I like the small Chnnel ones! I love your blog. Thank you for the follow and the visit. I'm following your as well :)

  5. i can't help you out because i love them ALL.
    BUT you can never go wrong with ms. tory burch.

  6. Lusting over every single one of these, great finds girl!

    xo Shane


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