5 Frame yo stuff!

Happy Tuesday y'all!!
So lately I have been pretty busy trying to
 put my collection of junk to use...
snazzy up things around the house. I am a huge collector of frames
yea..yea.. I know what you are thinking..FRAMES TOO??
YES! I have a problem & I already accepted that y'all!!
So anywhoooo, this is what's been going down...

1. Already had
2. Thrifting .75
3. Thrifting .75
4. Thrifting.50
5. Goodwill 1.00
6. Yard sale .25
7. Yard Sale .25
8. Canvas already had
(Phillip created this little piece of art right before baby came=)
And of course I had a collection in my storage of paints
And wallaaaaaa
Thrifting little frames turned into awesomenesss!!
To see my little piece of rock art lookie here!
Toodles for now y'all!


  1. You're a girl after my own heart. I love this. I have a problem...er... a passion about refurbbing stuff. I have a huge collection of frames in storage right now that need something done to them. Ha!

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  3. Love these frames! such a cute idea!!!



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