20 & Reality hits...

talin1It is so hard facing the fact that you are ONE! I still have to remind myself that you are not that little newborn I brought home a year ago. You are so independent and smart. I hate that you refuse to let me carry you now that you can walk.  You love being outside and enjoying nature. I love the way you try to repeat almost everything I say>>I really need to stop saying OH MY GOD so much... You are so brave.. You make my teeth cringe every time you crawl up something and try jumping off. I love how happy you get when you think you are "jumping" even though your feet never leave the ground. You have brought so much joy to my heart & have made our little family complete. You are a precious son and a wonderful little brother. We love you Talin & I pray this year goes by a tad bit slower & that you keep growing into this beautiful being that you are becoming.-Mommy


  1. wow he grew so much in one year!! congrats to being his mommy for one year and i love that phot of him with his cute little feet

  2. One year old ♥ Congrats! Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope to see you around in the future!

  3. What a cutie! loving those toes :) My girls are now 10 and 14, and I still miss that 'cuddle' time with them ... it just doesn't happen anymore

    1. Awww that is exactly what I am dreading... I love cuddle time

  4. omg! what an adorable little cutie!!

    thanks for sharing those wonderful photos of your precious little one!

    first time here.

    i love your blog!

  5. So precious and adorable <3



  6. aww. such a cutie. happy 1 yr with many more to go!

    thanks for finding my spot and leaving a comment! really appreciate it!

  7. How sweet is that ?!!!! I wanna kiss this cutie ;))

  8. Omg how adorable!! I love the tie idea. So freaking cute!

  9. Hi new reader and follower found you on the GFC blog hop! Happy belated birthday to your son, he is absolutely adorable!


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