8 Birthday Boy!

This past weekend we celebrated a special birthday. Someone who stole my heart 7 years ago...Someone who has the biggest heart I know. My little lima bean...Time flew by...way too fast. I still remember the day I found out you were in my little belly. I was scared..I cried..we cried..scared because I did not know what to expect.. scared to be a mommy..scared of not knowing and just feeling not ready. Your daddy & I were crazy lost souls.. how could we ever bring a precious little one in our crazy mess. The time we heard your little pitter-patter and saw our little lima bean for the first time we  just knew it was meant to be. We looked at your first little photo and promised we would fight hard to raise you the best way we knew how. We promised to protect you and support you in anything & everything except wanting to be a UFC fighter when you grow up...I'm still pretty ify about that We promised to work hard and give you everything you could possibly want & need.. everything we have become is because of you....So far so good. It has been fun these past 7 years. I pray God continues to shine through you...You have grown into such a loving, smart, adventurous, silly boy. I could not ask for a better 7 year old! You have made us so proud. I pray that this year continues to be good to you. I..we love you & Happy Birthday once again.


  1. Happy birthday to your super super cute little guy!

  2. Awww, time flies by so fast. UFC fighter, huh? Hope he changes his mind, they get pretty hard blows! This was a beautiful post.

    1. Thank you & yes I'm praying that he changes his little mind lol

  3. happy belated birthday to your precious little man!

    what adorable photos! he's so darn cute!!

    and thanks for the follow...following you right back!

    have a great thursday~

  4. I'm a new follower from the GFC blog hop!

    I love these pictures of your son! He is so handsome!!! The black and white one of him on the plastic horse is my favorite! What a sweetie! I hope he had a great birthday!

  5. Awwwwww what a little soul. I love seeing pictures from the beginning to the age now. Love his Mohawk!


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