1 Oh how I love days like this...

This morning was a little different. Usually it's running errands and picking up around the house...Oh did I mention chasing a one year old who believes he is big enough to walk around EVERYWHERE. It gets pretty crazy up in here, but that's just the usual for us.   Well, today was different... a peaceful kind of different. As Talin went down for a nap I started cleaning up. I decided to go with the  Jack Johnson station playing in the background... Ahhhh, I always come to a relaxation with him. Can you believe that I finished up everything in no time? I looked around & realized I might just have time to catch up on some reading. Heck Yeah! I decided to pretend like I didn't see that pile of laundry I needed to put away... Of course I had to make some tea to go along with my great book.  And YES I went all out & made cookies to join the party that was about to happen in my tummy! And yes I ate them all :) So todady I'm thankful to have days like this... where you find your inner peace, take in the air and just relax. Clearing the mind and making time for yourself. I'm thankful to be able to enjoy the things that bring me joy even if it is some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

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  1. We all need moments like this. I totally understand as being a mother they are few and far between. So glad you got some you time!


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