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This past Friday I had the honor of attending an opening of one awesome store. Now,  I know just about everyone has a new years resolution to get in shape or loose weight.... Well throw me on the bandwagon I'm right there with ya! Six:02 is just what I needed for that push to get me there. Let me tell you it is probably the most relaxing store I've been to in a while. They treated us to some wonderful breakfast, free bra...oh yea, & and a $50 dollar gift card! Needless to say I was in heaven. 
Six:02 has a great variety of womens workout apparel. They have the cutest styles and make it so easy to find what you are looking for. If you are new to working out and feel totally lost on what will fit your body right, or just finding something comfortable to workout in THIS is your store
They offer so much more than awesome apparel... they have a pretty big selection of footwear and accessories as well.

Six:02 has a great variety of the Spanx active collection! This made my day considering I did not know this even existed. 
Six:02 has the cutest decor. Did I mention the lounge area? Oh my, it is the most comfortable fitting area I have ever been in. Not to mention the wonderful staff who are so helpful. They sure do know their stuff.
The wonderful staff from over at  The Perky Peacock helped out and gave us one needed bra fitting. So if you are ever in the area go by and pay them a visit or visit their online store! So now ladies go on & visit Six:02 you won't be disappointed! They also have some pretty good sales...& who can say no to a good sale?

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  1. This is awesome! I love that the active wear shop is set up like a boutique. I prefer shopping for workout gear to regular clothing, but would especially love the setting!


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