0 This Seven year old....

Forget throw back Thursday today is Friday & I find myself reminiscing about my little guy. I found these pictures from last summer and couldn't help but get all emotional. Maybe its all these pregnancy hormones going on.... I can't believe how much he has grown over the year. He's a little taller, has a few more missing teeth & has matured just a tiny bit. He isn't so much into sitting for hours and playing with his toy cars or legos. His new thing is minecraft and I hate it. I've noticed that he hardly asks "can you play with me" & I hate that. I noticed that he's become a little more independent... & I hate that! I noticed he had band-aids on little scraps that I knew nothing about. Since when does he take it upon himself to put on his own band-aid?  I really dislike that! I know that he will continue to grow into the wonderful young man that he is becoming, but geesh can't time just slow down a tad? I'm learning that you have to make sure you stop & enjoy every little moment. Even if it's having to clean up an orange juice spill AFTER I told him that I would pour it..... 
Happy Friday! Hope you all enjoy the little moments & have a wonderful Weekend!!

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