4 Fabulous Friday Finds...

Happy Friday y'all!
We have a busy weekend ahead of us, but
 before all that I want to share my finds from this week..
So okay...
I know I have issues (my hubby reminds me all the time)
BIG issues..
but I can't help passing up awesome little deals..
it's hard..like real hard...
I know I'm running out of room & I'm out of control,
but it's not my fault I live down the road from a goodwill
or a yard sale happened to pop up down the road...
with that said I had to get my fix for the week ...

1.Glass containers $1.99
2. Vintage lantern $2.00
3. Glass cups =D $7.99(I had to they are so cute!)
4.Picture frames .50
Now for a good cleaning maybe a little 
makeover here & there & my little junk treasures are ready to go!
 Hope everyone has a GREAT Weekend!
-Toodles, Jen


  1. haha - i know exactly how you feel :) and I love those stacked cups! So cute indeed :)

  2. lol aren't they! Now to get my hubby to agree!

  3. hey girl! just stumbled upon your blog - you really are so cute and so are your little ones! :)

    wow, impressed with this stuff, SCORE!

    i'm looking foward to keepin' up with you and reading more :)




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