11 Just slow down...

From the first time I saw your sweet little face it was...

No matter how many...
snap shots...poses...
& expressions...
it will never compare to those very moments I 
have been so lucky to share with you. 
My sweet little blessing..
 how I wish time would slow down..
I want these precious little 
moments to last forever..
As you grow
I promise to love you more & more each day.
So slow down little baby & lets make this last forever.
Happy 9 Months!


  1. This is beautiful and I love the create month photos! Precious...

  2. Happy nine months love <3 :D
    i love what you did there.
    The timeline kinds thing.
    im in love with your baby already
    mwwwah !

  3. How sweet is he! Time sure does fly by, doesn't it? It seems like yesterday my little ones were this age. Enjoy him!
    Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com

  4. How sweet! What beautiful photos :)

  5. oh my word this is a sweet post :) your little one is just the most beautiful baby ever! you are so blessed.

  6. I just found your blog and it is so cute!! I love your DIY chevron blanket, and this post is adorable. I love the idea of writing character traits of your baby on a chalkboard in the picture.... genius. I don't have a kid of my own yet, but even reading your "letter" to him makes me juuust about cry. I can't even imagine how special and precious each moment with a little piece-of-you must be. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    Natalie from Urban Anthro


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