9 Picnic Ready...

Okay, so I'm sure everyone knows about pinterest...
& if ya don't...
 It will drain your mind with all the  oooohh's & ahhh's... 
it will make you constantly tell yourself 
(& of course you just spend to much time on pinterest you never get to it)... 
It will take up all the precious spare time you do have!
Well, that is exactly what happens with me every time I hit that little log in button
BUT when I spotted a canvas picnic blanket I was like OMGEE 
definitely doing that!
My little guys & I sure do love picnic dates! So I took a trip up to lowes in search for a drop cloth, but of course lowes did not have the exact size I was looking for...just my luck!
 I did get lucky & scored this..
 I was waiting in line to get my paint ah'mixin & there it was...
Someone had returned this beautiful can of paint & I had to have it.
It was just the color I was looking for, but for wayyyyy cheaper!
I grabbed some blue tape and was off to home depot where I found the perfect size canvas.
I used a 5x5 & to my surprise it had a leak proof backing!
This made my day.
I went straight home and began measuring with a ruler..
(I hate trying to be precise)
I made a chevron 
pattern out of some extra vinyl that I already had
 (my fav. pattern at the moment) 
I grabbed my painters tape and began taping...
 I stood back to check it out & 
absolutely hated it! 
I took it all off and decided just to free hand it. 
I hate being that IT HAS TO BE THIS WAY type of girl... 
I love just going for it and just letting my craftiness take over.
 I think it took me longer to make the pattern than actually just going for it.
After I taped my pattern I started to paint. 
Well, once my little "helper" stopped using it as a race track.
I let it dry and there it was.. ready for our first picnic 
This blanket has been very handy this summer..
I even take it out to the pool with us. 
Perfect for a play area for my little guy to crawl around on.
Now get to picnic'nnn
-Toodles, Jen


  1. This is just amazing!! Wow! I love your blog, so happy to have found it! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my little blog and introducing yourself! I have a feeling I'm going to get very jealous reading through your posts. I can't craft! I can't even draw a circle, my husband loves to laugh at me when I try. This picnic blanket is so cute, perhaps I'll hire you to make me one!

  3. What an awesome project. I am currently obessesed with mason jars. They have become a new thing in my house. I am on the hunt for the blue tinted ones.

  4. Turned out super great! I just love that color.

  5. This awesome. I am in desperate need for a picnic blanket that will probably never be taken on any picnics. But a girl can dream right? Thanks for sharing.

  6. So freakin' cute! I looooove the chevron pattern and the color is perfect for summer too. I'm definitely stealing this! ;)

  7. Ohhh, I love it!! I haven't seen this pin yet or it would already be on the to-do list. Haha!

    Great job!! Stopping by from the link up. :)

  8. I love this!!! thank you for linking up to The Pinterest Project again. I need to try this out. Love the look of the free hand paint. I haven't painted anything chevron because I'm too lazy to tape it all off & measure it :/

  9. Love this! I want to make one now!
    Thanks for linking up to the pinterest project


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