14 & our Summer goes a little something like this...

So our summer is finally coming to a slow down...
 No more early morning practice...
No more going here...back home..grab a snack...go here & go  there...
Phheeeww! It is like we actually have a breather now. 
I hate when people look at me strange when I tell them I feel like I don't have enough time in the day...
They look at me like really?
This is my full time job >> being a momma & wife...
And sometimes it is tough..like really tough..
Keeping up with all the little busy schedules of my little guy can get pretty hectic!! 
When my husband & I had Phillip we promised that we would support him in anything his little heart desired & had passion for. We have stuck by that promise. 
 It's been hockey, swimming, soccer & Bmx racing & so much more..
He is very active & we love it.... 
But it hasn't been easy... 
Scheduling everything around him can make a momma go crazy...
And expenses geeesh I can't even think about it..
But honestly I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Sometimes I tell my hubby I want to go back to being a working mom 
that lasts like an entire 5min.
I am so thankful for him. He allows us to live the life we live 
& supports us 100% in anything the boys & I wish to do.
Lately he has been getting a little break this summer as well.
 Thankfully he has been working from home quite a bit... 
I love the days he decides to work from home.
With our relaxing days upon us that means.....
Getting to sleep in >> which I'm a huge fan of (if you call 7:30am sleeping in)
Lately there has been tons of "us" time..
snuggling in momma & daddy's bed,  
play dates with great friends...
Oh, & tons of swimming!!! 
With all this heat in Texas It is a must!
So the remaining part of our summer looks pretty promising together. 
I just pray it goes by really..really.. slow.
Hope y'all have a Great Thursday!


  1. Handsome boys! I miss summer! ヅ

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    Happy to follow you back thru GFC#154 and Facebook#9.

    Hugs from


  2. Our summer is slowing down too. But I feel like the fall will be even busier since my 4 yr old is starting school. I guess life with kids never slows down :)

    1. Oh fun! Starting school ahhhh so nerve wrecking!! Yup, there is no such thing as slowing down for us mommas!

  3. Beautiful photography. Summer has gone by so quickly around here too.

    1. Thanks! I know I hate how fast it is sneaking up on us :(

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    1. Awesome thanks for following! I sure will=D

  5. OH they look so sweet! That little boy has many interests doesn't he??? I think it is so great that you and your hubby can support them all! Good for you. I hope these next few days of summer go by really. really. slow too.

    New follower www.25inmy25th.blogspot.com

  6. Look at the LASHES!!! You and your little men are gorgeous! You have some great posts and a beautiful blog. I am your newest follower.


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