16 Spice things up!

Hey there y'all! I want to share a yummy...yummy little meal here..
One of my girlfriends shared this wonderful Chutney recipe & I so totally had to share. 
For a mommy & wife who fights with time,
 this recipe is Perfecto! 
Fast, Easy & super Delish!
You will need
-Thin Chicken breast
-Spicy Montreal seasoning(My Fav)
-Half a lemon

Season your chicken as much as you desire...
Squeeze and marinade with lemon juice...
I also grilled some mushrooms on the side...
Pretty Simple huh?
For the Chutney sauce you will need
-Green Peppers
-Mint leaves
-Lime Juice
-Sour cream or Plain yogurt
I used
-2 peppers(without seeds)
-1 squeezed lime
-1/4 cup of mint leaves
-1/2 cup of cilantro
-2tablespoons of Sour Cream
(I totally forgot the yogurt at the grocery store..Darn!)

Mix it all together in your little blinder & serve...
Add ingredients to whatever amount and flavor you desire.

Yup, that's it guys!
Hope you enjoy it as much as our little family does
 Happy Thursday y'all



  1. totally gonna try this for my hubs! he loves spicy!

    thanks for sharing!

  2. looks delicious. I'm hungry now.


  3. *drool* look sooo good!!!
    Im going to try this :D
    Thanks for your lovely comment over on my blog,
    Im you newest follower!

  4. This looks wonderful! Pinning to try this one out!

    Thanks for following Mom's Test Kitchen! Following back!! :)

  5. Oh my, you have a truly lovely blog site here! I love it! And I can't wait to try this recipe! I saw your name on my GFC as a follower--I just joined your site the same way--on your GFC but it appears under the name Marcia Doyle, just so you know it's me! Thanks for sharing!

  6. making me hungry ;) what do you use to add text to your pictures? it looks realy profesional xx love your blog

    1. Hey girl! Thanks & I use photoshop for editing my photos & adding text. I'm still teaching myself lol =D

  7. My mouth is watering! Looks super delish!! Thanks for the follower and returning the favor :)

  8. That looks SO good! Hey lady! Thanks for stopping by Me + the Moon! So glad we found each other! Your blog is so cute AND I need all the help I can get with recipes! Perfect! :D Happily following you back via GFC + Bloglovin :)

    -Nicole @ http://meandthem00n.blogspot.com

  9. Woah you are making me so hungry! Stop doing that! :p




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