2 Hello November...

This year our traditional pumpkin carving was a bit emotional. Our seven year old was thrilled to find out that this year we were allowing him to take on pumpkin carving all on his own. Someone thinks he is almost grown & does not need any help lately. Nope, no traced on design here! Freehand is what it was all about. As he carved piece by piece we heard "awesome did you see that" ...he took pride in that pumpkin carving. Little brother decided to  help out  fight Boots (our puppy) for pieces of pumpkin. I think they had a game going on with who can sneakingly eat the most pumpkin. Baby VS Dog & I believe baby came out the winner! It's been a busy week with halloween festivities...a special 7 year old running for student council... literacy pumpkins being made for school... & the most exciting Phillip made the swim team he's been trying to get on for so long! I'm one proud mommy with maybe too much on her plate, but it is so worth every minute of their happiness. Here is to a great November & embracing all things to be thankful for. Hope all you friends had a safe & fun halloween.


  1. Aw I love the pictures! Last year my son ate a lot of pumpkin when we weren't looking haha.


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