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Current love note up in the bathroom...

Coming from an all girl family to marrying the manliest man I know, then adding two little mini men can get a bit overwhelming. I can be a bit of a girly girl.... but oh how I've learned to outgrow that.  Don't get me wrong I love being the one that you're suppose to help, the one that you should take care of, the one that you should always respect, the one you protect, the one that is allowed to be a little over dramatic & way too sensitive. This comes from having a great man who is bringing up his little men to be just like him one day. But come on!!!!  Sometimes I just need to enjoy a warm shower without  someone turning the lights off on me & giggling off down the hall, or tampons getting discovered under the sink and getting asked what does this do? I can do without getting farted on the head during a wrestling match. Oh & my favorite which is having to repeat myself over.... & over..... & over....... to put the seat up, or make sure you put the seat back down & for freak'n crying out loud.....  AIM FOR THE HOLE!!! These are just a few of things going on in my life. Interesting huh?


  1. I adore the men in my life, but thank God they are outnumbered by us girls. I think our estrogen has rubbed off on them because they are surprisingly good and aiming for the hole and putting the toilet seat down.

  2. Girl, with a husband in the Army and FOUR sons... I feel you on the occasional testosterone overload. I'm convinced that the hall bathroom will never smell nice, given all the lack of aim from the boys (is that TMI?).

  3. LOL love that note. I may need to make a note for my boyfriend with the middle one :)


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